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VR art workshops

Creative Virtual Reality workshops for schools, universities and community groups.

Digitally sculpt and paint in 3D space!

I have been developing my VR art workshops over the past year with very encouraging results.

I firmly believe immersive computing will revolutionise the creative industries. VR headsets are set to find their way into every corner of art and design (not to mention countless other sectors) and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my workflows with others.

It’s never been easier for artists to translate 3D ideas into a 3D space and it’s only a matter of time before this is the way things are done. The essential hardware needed to use VR is, however, still very expensive. A VR setup can cost a minimum of £1800. This is why I bring all the equipment with me.

  • I can bring up to 4 VR headsets.

  • Workshops can last from 2 hours to multiple days.

  • One to one sessions or groups of 10+.

  • Ages from 5-99yrs.

  • Programs include Tiltbrush, Oculus Medium, Tvori, Google Blocks.

  • Export workflows using Mixamo to animate your characters and Mesh Mixer for 3D printing!

A quick proof of concept piece for a VR environment made entirely in Google Tiltbrush.

An animated augmented Flyer for local VR clubnight FLUX.

Creative Industries

This type of workshop in VR stands participants in good stead if they're interested in moving into the creative industries. The UK leads the way, but we are running at a creative deficit. The industry is broad, dynamic and booming, and there are a lot of jobs out there! Check this link out to learn more about that: Creative Industries  

Tiltbrush sessions with  Artstars .

Tiltbrush sessions with Artstars.

Some live Oculus Medium sculpting at  Flux .

Some live Oculus Medium sculpting at Flux.

I also offer a 3D printing service for VR sculptures! Some of mine are below.